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What change of state occurs when oxygen diflouride is cooled from -220°c to -230°c?

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Answered Mar 20Geography
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Just to finally link Joseph's answer to the question, oxygen difluoride will thus change from liquid to solid state when chilled from -220°c to -230°c.

Answered Jan 20Geography
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Joseph GuillonKeep calm and get a good tutor. How bout Me? ;)2 students helped

Hi Sim, A bit of chemistry knowledge is needed here to be quick and straight to the point. Knowing the freezing point of OF2 to be -223.8 degree Celsius (don’t worry had to look it up myself, I don’t memorise melting point and boiling points of every compound for fun): We can answer that freezing occurs when oxygen difluoride is cooled from -220 to -230 JG

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