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What is a headland ?

Headlands are coastal landforms created due to erosion.

Headlands are formed on a coastline where you have different layers of hard and soft rock next to each other, perpendicular to the sea.

The headlands are made of hard, resistant rock. Next to the headland will be a band of soft, weaker rock.

As the sea smashes against the coastline, the soft rock gets eroded (broken down) more quickly, and... more

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A headland is a coastal landform, a point of land usually high and often with a sheer drop, that extends into a body of water. It is a type of promontory*. A headland of considerable size often is called a cape.

*If you're not sure what a promontory is: A promontory is a raised mass of land that projects into a lowland or a body of water (in which case it is a peninsula).

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