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What jobs can be passed down to future generations?

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It's implied that the offspring of today will influence the eventual fate of tomorrow. These children are 'Age Z' (conceived after 1995) they have been raised in a time driven by mechanical headway. A considerable lot of them could never have seen a tape, they'd snigger at a round of disconnected scrabble and wouldn't trust that individuals once needed to surge home to get a telephone call. The Career Path of Generation Z - over 50% of kids entering school today will work in employment that doesn't at present exist. - The top 10 sought after employment of 2010 were not around in 2004. - two or three mainstream advanced employments including application engineer, web-based life director and a client encounter architect did not exist in the mid-2000's Majority of the occupations rotate around the idea of enhancing and keeping up the condition that we will live in

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