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How did manifest destiny contribute to the annexation of the texas and the creation of oregon?

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happen destiny caused the Annexation of Texas. there was no warfare over this however President Polk of the usa additionally desperately desired California, but Mexico refused to promote it. for that reason, the Mexican American struggle turned into fought and ended in Mexican Cession. clarification: occur future became the belief that American expansion was destined to amplify throughout the continent. because of this attitude, americans invited Texas to join the us because the 28th nation in 1845. Texas become previously part of Mexican territory, however had revolted. This was due to the fact American settlers in Texas refused to abide through Mexican laws that prohibited slavery in Texas. Mexico noticed Texas as a transient country in revolt and predicted to subdue them in the destiny. while the usa decided to annex Texas, Mexico became furious because they believed they were stealing their rightful land. President polk also desired the land of California for the usa, but Mexico refused to promote it to them. This turned into the cause for the Mexican American war. it's far doubtful whether or not it was provoked via the united states or started out by means of Mexico. in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, Mexico ceded to america now not handiest Texas but additionally the coveted land of California and the land east of it (this changed into approximately half of Mexico). This area was known as the Mexican Cession.