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How did the cotton gin lead to a rise in slavery?

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Answered Oct 18History
Shannon DiazI am an LSE graduate living in Central London

earlier than the cotton gin, developing cotton was a destroy-even proposition at nice. separating cotton from its seed become usually performed with a knife, a very slow and threatening system. One slave ought to, at peak efficiency, produce one bag of cotton an afternoon. even though slaves had been not paid, they cost money in different approaches. purchasing a slave changed into a primary funding and feeding him/her become a fixed working cost. One bag of cotton a day become not an amazing go back on those investments. but if a small, hand-cranked cotton gin had been used, that one bag of cotton all at once have become 5 luggage according to the employee. With a huge cotton gin, or several such gadgets, that 5 luggage became twenty. Cotton gins made cotton insanely worthwhile in a single day. A critical operation would buy numerous of them and require more workers to perform them. As cotton simplest grew within the deep south, the one's workers have been most often slaves. As indefensible as slavery become on ethical grounds, for the first 1/2 of the 19th century, it changed into in reality worthwhile.