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How did the emigres influence France's Europe neighbors in revolutionary times?

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Shannon DiazI am an LSE graduate living in Central London

During the French revolution, much of the French nobility fled the country and became emigres in the courts of surrounding nations. They persuaded those nations to create the First Coalition (first of many) to destroy the revolution and re-establish the monarchy. The revolutionaries became more and more radical causing greater alarm as time passed. The Declaration of Pillnitz issued jointly by Austria and Prussia in 1791 was an attempt to avoid War, but support the French King. France declared war the next year in part as a reaction to the declaration. The War of the First Coalition lasted until 1797. Napoleon's campaign in Italy was a key part of the settlement of this war. The French victory at the Battle of Valmy 1792 before the rise of Napoleon insured the survival of the Republic. It showed the strength of the revolution in the face of the Monarchists.