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I’m kind of stuck with what to write for this 12 mark question: ‘Which of the following was the most important reason why Hitler was able to become Fuhrer by August 1934; the Reichstag fire or The Night of the Long Knifes?’?

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1st Paragraph: introduction summarising all your points, what was the Reichstag Fire if you can remember the date that’s a bonus, the same for the night of the long knives. 2nd Paragraph: Why was the Reichstag fire important to hitler coming to power? 3rd Paragraph: Why was the night if the long knives important? 4th Paragraph: conclude, which was most important and why. Use the line “I think .... was the most important to Hitler becoming fuhrer as although both events helped him gain power, the ..... was more integral to him rising to power. I think this because.....” I think I might have actually done this for my GCSE revision so if you wanted to book a tutoring session we could go through this and make a more in depth plan.

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Hi Rachel, What is it that you need help with exactly? One thing I find that helps is having a good structure. For this question, I will start by explaining what both events were. What happened and why were they critical. Secondly, I would also define what I mean by 'important'. The question asks you about which played a bigger part in his ability to become Fuhrer. It's worth remembering that because sometimes an event could be big, but not critical to the question. Remember, just clearly structuring and explaining both sides before you have a conclusion will almost guarantee you good marks. The structure is everything! Good luck!

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