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This question is related to World War II. Can I get some help please? Thanks~!?

Josh also answered

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What was the main reason that Europe began to trade opium for Chinese goods?

It was due to the imbalance of trade between (mainly) China and Britain at that time. China has a huge export on tea, cotton etc. to Britain but doe...

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How many kings have there been?

In which country are you referring to?

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By the end of Reconstruction, what means were used to disenfranchise African Americans?

A series of measures passed by state governments, informally known as the β€œJim Crow laws” Jim Crow included the introduction of strict literacy test...

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What was a key reason for the post-war cash crunch in America?

By post-war I assume you are referring to the revolutionary war. It can be boiled down two main factors, a high level of debt caused by fighting a w...

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Why can't the C-14 method be used to confirm the age of a silver goblet from the 1500s?

Short answer: Because the goblet contains no Carbon. Explanation: c-14 dating works by measuring the proportion of c-14 atoms in (usually) something...

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How old was hitler when he died?

He committed suicide aged 56.

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What were boomers?

Boomers is the name given to pilgrims in the Southern Joined States who endeavored to enter the Unassigned Grounds in what is presently the territor...

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What is the string theory? How is it related to space time?

We live in a brilliantly intricate universe, and we are interested in it naturally. On numerous occasions, we have pondered - for what reason would ...

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Were the Crusades caused primarily by religious devotion or by the desire for political and economic...

Hi Jeniffer! It was a bit of both. The call for the Crusades was because of religious devotion but many answered the call for political and economic...

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