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What are two problems homesteaders faced whilst living on the great plains? in detail?

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The homesteaders faced a great deal of problems whilst living on the Great Plains . For instance , the climate was gruelling as for the plains experienced massive variations in temperature which was a part of their normal cycle . In the winter there was snow and the freezing temperatures didn’t help with the winter being so long . Furthermore, the plains were an extremely dangerous and uncomfortable place to live in as the summers were very hot. It was impossible to keep cool in the summer and it was beyond absurd to keep warm in the winter. However, they faced a massive deal of water shortages which meant that crops died. Also , some of the crops that were planted by the homesteaders were not suited to the climate of the Great Plains .The crops were eaten by buffalos or cattles asfor early farms were not fenced! I hope this helps, I was a history nerd but I know it can get tough sometimes especially when it comes to exam style questions !