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What were the reasons for the rise of the Nazis? From 1929 - 1932?

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The two most important reasons for the rise of the Nazis between 1929 and 1932 were the worldwide economic depression of 1929 and the weakness of the Weimar government. The 1929 economic depression was caused by the Wall Street crash in the USA. This economic crash in the USA caused the American banks to withdraw all their foreign loans. This impacted Germany as in order to pay back war debt from WW1 the American banks had loaned Germany money agreed in the Dawes plan of 1924. Germany used this money to fund essential industry and without this German industry collapsed. This led to a rise in unemployment and poverty in Germany. This led people to turn to more radical politicians such as Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi party who claimed he had the answers to these issues. Furthermore he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 putting him in a position of power thus more people put their trust in him. This goes hand in hand with the Weimar government failure as they failed to sort out this crisis effectively thus people were more willing to put their trust In Hitler. For more information please get in touch

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The rise of the Nazis was greatly produced by much of Hitler’s power to manipulate the population in order to excel and gain the position of Chancellor of Germany. Throughout events such as the Munich Beerhall Putsch, Hitler was able to spread across the apprised Nazi ideology which started off the thoughts of people in early stages. Events such as the Reichstag Fire being blamed upon Communists within Germany, this further manipulated people into voting for the Nazi Party. After the great depression caused by the failure of the economy and recession due to inflation after the First World War, Hitler made the public believe that he had ways in which he could solve this, with war guilt taking strong tolls on the life of the German people by itself. I know much more upon this subject as it’s part of my A-Level History course- if you’d like anymore info feel free to message me!