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Why did most of the combat on the Western Front in World War I take place in a relatively small area?

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Hey Tim, Interesting this is actually a bit of a myth! World war 1 saw combat across the world with battles in Asia, Africa, Northern Italy, Russia and of course France. The fact is that these other areas are often less discussed particularly in the uk as involved less British soldiers (although Britain was involved in hostilities against the Ottoman Empire e.g gallopli along with other fronts). Elsewhere people often reflect less on the Italian front i think because many even at the time saw it as a fringe position despite its importance to the Austro-Hungarian empire. While Russia often fails out of sight due to the revolution in 1917 although was one of the most expansive fronts and saw large numbers of casualties for both sides! For more information about these other fronts a good resource is the Great War channel on youtube! Hope this helps.