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Why was Kristalnacht so significant?

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Kristallnacht was the ‘Night of Broken Glass’ as Nazi party paramilitary forces and civilians destroyed Jewish businesses and synagogues in November 1938. It was a deliberate attack and persecution of Jewish people before the start of World War II. Prior to this, although Jewish people were being persecuted, it was not to the severity and brutality as this night. It was a widespread attack with fatalities, unwarranted arrests of Jewish people and destruction of their homes and livelihoods. Many believe that Kristallnacht was the real start of the holocaust. It was also the point where the world’s news and governments became highly aware of what was happening across Nazi Germany and could no longer turn a blind eye to these events and this is where political relations between Nazi Germany and the world fractured. So really Kristallnacht was the start of the Holocaust and the event that sparked the catalyst that would lead to World War II amount world governments