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Write the summery of the poem "my country tis of thee" stanza wise?

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My Country tis of thee is an American patriotic song which was used (amongst others) for the National anthem before the introduction of the Star Spangled banner in 1931. The song has 7 stanzas as well as an abolitionists version. 2 of the stanzas were introduced at a later date so for simplicity I’m going to analyse the original 5. It has the rhyme scheme AABCCCB. We can analyse this because the ending of each sentence rhymes or changes. For example ‘AA’ is a couplet because the ending words rhymes. Stanza 1: The words are describing the various landscapes, referencing the For Fathers and describing the American freedom afforded to people. ‘Land of Pilgrim’s pride’ is a reference to the first settlers in the 1700s, pilgrim’s was the label given to them. Stanza 2: Describing the landscape and the authors love for the country. ‘My native country is Thee’ the author was saying he was born in the country but this didn’t reflect many Americans at the time due to immigration. Stanza 3: He’s encouraging people to voice their patriotism and for it to be so loud that every part of the country can hear it. His attempt to make nature sing is a rhetorical use of language and further develops the idea of patriotism. Stanza 6: Again, a reference to his love of the varied landscapes of America and describing the landscapes. Stanza 7: A reference to the four corners of the USA and the variety of landscape and seasons. ‘Fronting the West’ is a reference to the dangers of the then uncharted western lands of the US. He’s also saying that no other country can compare to the USA.