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Which is the best way to learn Italian on your own?

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Carola Maria BigognoI'm a curious and ambitious medical student and teacher!17.5k students helped

Hello Tahmin, There are lots of good resources online to learn some basic Italian. If you are lookimg for a tutor, I am an Italian native speakers and I have previously taught Italian to an Adult Learner. I'd be happy to help.

Sophia IvaneticLanguages, music and literature are my thing ๐Ÿง 17.5k students helped

Thereโ€™s a plethora of online resources for learning languages, including Italian. Try sites or apps like Duolingo, Tinycards and Memrise, or find native language partners to chat with through apps such as Speaky. Or find a tutor through Scoodle! I can help with basic Italian, as I use these same resources to learn it myself.

Nadia NohFeel free to ask me questions. Hope we can work together. Thank you17.5k students helped

Hi. If you want to learn by yourself you can either learn from internet. You can watch YouTube channel on how to pronounce the right way in Italian or you can buy some books for reference. Hope this helps.

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