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How would I structure a cold letter to a law firm or barristers chambers (strictly for work experience)?

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Answered Mar 18Law
Mariam Basher14 students helped

It may be worth giving the firm or chambers a call beforehand asking whether they do provide work experience and if they have an application process. Also, asking to shadow a barrister or a solicitor for a couple days may be easier to arrange than asking for work experience. And go to legal events, speak to the lawyers and see if you can stay in touch. You may be able to later ask if you could shadow them. Structure of a covering letter: Similar to a letter (Dear Sir/ Madam... Yours faithfully; Dear Mr/Me (preferable to have a name)... Yours sincerely) - briefly introduce yourself - explain why you are applying to the law firm or barristers' chamber - explain what skills you have that make you suitable for the work experience - briefly conclude Hope this helps

Answered Feb 18Law
Abubakr Karimabadi Barrister, Hafidh, Teacher389 students helped

If you look outside, now would be a great time..jk Law firms offer Vacation Schemes so you have to apply for those. They prioritise 2nd/3rd year university law students and the deadline for those are mostly Dec/Jan. However, if itโ€™s a high street law firm, then going in person with a cover letter and CV may do the trick. You should highlight what you wish to gain from the experience, what you have to offer and what was it about the law firm itself that has got you to make this effort. As for chambers, the formal process is applying for a mini-pupillage but those are extremely competitive. If you know a barrister or can arrange a way of knowing a barrister at the chambers, they can easily arrange it for you by bypassing the process. They will ask for your CV so make sure itโ€™s good! If youโ€™re not in university, itโ€™s very difficult to get work experience without using backdoors and personal networks. Law firms and chambers have very little to offer for under 18s. Nonetheless, itโ€™s worth a shot so good luck!