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Should I study law? I find the subject interesting but the prospects of being a lawyer seem, well, boring?

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Answered Nov 18Law
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Haniah AumeerMathematics Tutor250 students helped

It might be helpful to get work experience in a law firm. Surely there are lots you can approach locally, make sure you call them first and ask if they take on students for work experience. Throughout the work experience, you will get to interact with people who have various positions of responsibility, not all of them are lawyers - there are paralegals, caseworker etc. The more people you speak to, the more insight you will gain. This will help you determine whether to go down the solicitor route or to look into other routes after a law degree. Or just downright make it clear that law isnโ€™t for you!

Answered Sep 18Law
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Sarah TerrisUCL Graduate in Pharmaceutics with 3 years of tutoring experience

Almost all professions have a boring element to them but the question is whether the interesting elements can ultimately outweigh its more boring features. With respect to law, there are many factors to consider: 1) Area of law: immigration, commercial, family, equity, civil, constitutional etc. The subject itself can be fascinating or numbing. The clients you work with can sometimes be great or problematic. The work itself can be rewarding or pointless. 2) Type of lawyer: solicitor or barrister? A solicitor will work for a firm in providing legal services whereas a barrister will work for him or herself and their client in a court of law. 3) Aptitude The law profession is very demanding, both academically and in terms of commitment. 3) Money It can be very boring but many people put up with it because the have enough financial incentives to do so. A lot other lawyers enjoy it and happen to be paid very well for it. As the saying goes, money talks. So speak to as many lawyers as you can, perhaps pick up Law as a subject at A-level, talk to students having already taken Law at university, and read around the news concerning the legal sector so you can make a more informed judgement. Good luck!