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180g Of c is mixed with 105g of Z to make an alloy. The density of C is 9g/cm3 . The density of Z is 7g/cm3. What is the density of the alloy?

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From a mathematical viewpoint, you just need to work out the volume occupied by each element by dividing the mass by the density i.e: You have 180/9= 20cm3 of C And 105/7= 15cm3 of Z If you now assume that the two alloys will mix at standard conditions, without temperature and pressure affecting the mixing, you could say that the total volume of the alloy will be 35cm3 and knowing that you have a total mass of 180+105=285g your alloy density will be 285/35=8.14g/cm3 However physically the density will be affected by the crystallographic structure of the elements in the alloy as well as the conditions of mixing (temperature and pressure).