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A book has a font and a back and 400 pages.The front and back cover are each 0.9mm thick, measured to 1 decimal place. Each is 0.13mm thick measures to two decimal place. Calculate the minimum thickness of the book.Some working must be shown?

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Since both the measurements are rounded, let’s first find out the smallest possible values they could have had before rounding. This would be finding the smallest possible number, which when rounded, gives us the numbers mentioned above. 0.9mm -> 0.85mm 0.13mm -> 0.125mm Using these values, we need to find two things, the total thickness of the pages and the total thickness of the covers. Adding these two will give us the answer. 0.85 x 2 = 1.7mm 0.125 x 400 = 50mm Adding these gives us our answer: 1.7 + 50 = 51.7mm