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A container is filled ¼ with water. After another 2240 ml of water is added to the container. It becomes 5/6 full. Find the capacity of the container in litres and milli litres?

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Answered Jul 18Maths
Nadeem AlomJack of all trades4 students helped

let “x” be the total volume of the container, then we know: (1/4)x + 2240 = (5/6)x find a common denominator: (3/12)x + 2240 = (10/12)x rearrange the formula to get “x” on one side: 2240 = (7/12)x divide by (7/12) on both sides (which is the same as multiplying by (12/7)): 2240(12/7) = x x = 3840 The total volume of the container is 3840ml.