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Can someone help me? My question : There are 112 pupils in a year group 64 boys and 48 girls and 12 of these pupils wear glasses (8 boys and 2 girls) How would I draw 2 relative pie charts to show this and what would each pie chart be on?

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My assumption would be that you would have one chart for girls and one chart for boys, both showing who wore glasses from the year group and who didn’t. So, for the girls. You have been told there are 48 girls in a year group. This is important to work out the angles that you will need. It is said that 2 of the girls in the year wear glasses. Your calculation would therefore be 2/48 x 360. This will give you the angle at which to draw a line. The answer for this section would be 15 degrees. In drawing this pie chart, you would start from the centre and at first just draw any line. Then, get your protractor and ensure that the base line of it is on the line that you have just drawn. This will allow you to draw another line at the 15 degree point, again to the centre. The other 345 degrees show the 46 girls who do not wear glasses. For the boys, the calculation would be 8/64x360 = 45 degrees. In doing the same as for the girls, this chart would show that the 45 degree sector represents boys who wear glasses and the remaining 315 for boys who do not.