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Can someone send me the UK curriculum for Year 8 French? My exams are coming up soon and my teacher is not teaching us at all, I don’t want to fail. Thanks?

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Hi Max, it does depend on each school to be honest. However, these are the popular areas which may be of help to you: -Holidays - Free time activities and sports. - Clothes you wear for sports - Weather - Daily Routine - Healthy lifestyle, including advice and what you do to be healthy. You can find lists of vocab to learn, along with sets on key language areas below, on Quizlet. It is also very important for you to revise the following key areas of language: - Key connectives (et, mais, cependant, car, parce que, par contre etc) - Key opinion phrases (je pense que, à mon avis, je dirais que...) - Key time phrases (dans le futur, dans le passé, tous les jours, quand etc) - Key intensifiers (extrêmement, vraiment, très, assez, un peu) - Present tense of regular verbs - Present tense of key irregular verbs (faire, aller, avoir, être) - Near future tense (je vais faire etc) - Imperfect tense (je faisais etc) - Negatives (ne...pas, ne...jamais, ne...plus, ne...rien) - Adjective agreements Good luck, Jess