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How do you divide decimals?

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If your doing it without a calculator the easiest way is to remove the decimals by multiply by 10,100,1000 etc. For example. 6.13 divides by 3.68 is difficult but 613 divided by 368 seems a lot simpler. You could then use any kind of division method such as the β€˜bus stop’ method to divide!

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Asked by Alfred

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Tom and Ben working together can finish a piece of work in 3 days. Tom can finish it alone in 4 days...

This scenario can be written as a simultaneous equation. If we write Tom's output per day as T and Ben's output per day as B. If we know Tom does hi...

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5678 + 45681?

It’s 51,359

Asked by Dozie

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What is 503 times by 56?

It’s 28,168!

Asked by Kieran

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Using small angle approximations (radians), what does cos(x)-1/xtan(2x) equal to?

In small angle approximations, cos(x) = 1 - x^2/2 and tan(a) = a. So if we substitute in the equation: cos(x)-1/xtan(2x) 1 - (x^2/2) - (1/(x * 2x)) ...

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A five sided spinner labelled with sectors p,q,r,s,t is spun 400 times. How do you find the relative...

The relative frequency is given by: Relative frequency = Probability x Number of trials As there are 5 sectors, the probability of obtaining any out...

Asked by Kelsey

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Whats 5867899 times 46268990?

271,501,760,152,010. It's a pretty big number!

Asked by Samuel

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What is 9 x 8 x 16?

It's 1,152!

Asked by Nayeesha

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Solve the following: 4x-3=2x+7?

4x-3=2x+7 2x = 10 x= 5

Asked by Heidi

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How do you find a surface area of a shape?

It depends on the shape :) Try asking again with a more specific question.

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