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How to prepare for a Spanish speaking exam? What do they ask and how to answer? Please respon?

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So assuming you’re sitting AQA Spanish, there are 3 sections, first your roleplay, so before you go into the room with your teacher you will be handed a piece of paper. On the paper will be 5 bullet points and a scenario. For example it could be that you are in a hotel and you are talking to a receptionist. Three of the bullet points will be notes on what to say in Spanish, like where you can eat or how many people are in a room that sort of thing. Then one of the bullet points will be an exclamation mark and that means you’ll be asked an unknown question. This part can be scary because you have no idea what they’ll ask but just try to simplify it in your head. For example they could just ask how long are you staying and then you just say 2 weeks, your teacher will try their best to say it slowly and clearly. The last bullet point is a question mark and all this means is you have to ask the teacher a question. This could be anything relevant to the conversation. Make sure you use your preparation time wisely, you are allowed to bring in the piece of paper in with notes on, so you can write your sentences on the paper and just read it out. After the roleplay you have the photo card, you also must make notes on this during your preparation time. It is just a picture and 3 questions. The picture could be anything but the easy thing about this question is you only need to form a small sentence like, there are people. The next two questions are unpredictable but will be relevant to the picture for example, the picture could be of a wedding and the question could be do you ever want to get married in the future. Your teacher will also ask you 2 other questions which you can’t plan for. Finally the 3rd part of the exam is the conversation, which in my opinion is the best bit! The conversation will be based on one theme you’ve chosen and one that you haven’t. But this one is easier because you prepare them before hand so you already know your answers off by heart! You will also have to ask your teacher one question but they will prepare you for this. Overall, the speaking exam is difficult and can be stressful but once you’ve got the gist of how it all works it will be fine.

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