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How to read a clock?

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A clock is numbered 1-12 and has two hands, a long hand and a short hand. The short hand points to the hour it is and the long hand points to the minutes past the hour it is. The numbers on the clock start with 12 at the top and continue from 1-11. All the numbers have 4 small dashes between them, each representing a minute. The numbers on a clock will usually have a small dash above them, this also counts as a minute. Meaning there are 5 dashes in total (so 5 minutes) between each number. eg 12||||1||||2||||3||||4||||5||||6 When the large hand is pointing to the 12 that means it is 0 minutes past the hour. So if the large hand is pointing to the 12 and the small hand is pointing to the 1 it is 0 minutes past 1 which is commonly called 1 o clock. If the small hand is pointing to the 1 and the large hand is pointing to the 1 it means it is 5 minutes past 1. This is because there are 5 small dashes (each representing 1 minute) between the 12 and the 1 (this includes the dash above the 1) An easy way to remember, is that each number that the large hand points to represents 5 minutes. Pointing to 1 is 5 minutes past, pointing to 2 is 10 minutes past, pointing to 3 is 15 minutes past (also known as quarter past as 15 minutes is a quarter of 1 hour) and so on. When the large hand points to the 6 it is 30 minutes past which is known as half past as 30 minutes is half of the 60 minutes in an hour. When the large hand points to number 9 it is 45 minutes past the hour also known as quarter to the hour, like quarter to 1 as there is a quarter of an hour (15 minutes) to the next hour. So! If the small hand is pointing to the number 2 and the large hand is pointing to the number 4 it is 20 minutes past 2. Remembering that you can count each number on the clock the large hand is pointing to in multiples of 5. 1=5 minutes 2= 10 minutes 3=15 minutes 4 = 20 minutes

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