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If you were given a transfer function, ( ) =2/ (s+ ) (s+ ) and that the frequency, w=2 rad/ . How do you calculate the gain and phase angle of ( I?

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Answered May 20Maths
Tony RobinsonVersatile tutor and undergraduate at Ulster University6 students helped

Hi Shay, do you remember the different types of operational amplifier configurations? Your transfer function is incomplete so difficult to say, but have a look at the following link. Gain and phase angle and standard calculations so it's about understanding how the op amp config alters the input signal. This link is very good: https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/opamp/opamp_2.html Pro tip: phase angle is much easier calculated in polar rather than cartesian. You can use the "pol" function on your calculator to do it. Look up how to convert one to the other if you dont remember