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Naveed is tiling a rectangular wall measuring 1.6 m by 1.5 m , the tiles hes using are square with a side length of 20cm. How many tiles does he need to cover the wall exatcly ? He can cut tiles in half if he needs to?

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Answered Apr 18Maths
Ismail JeilaniBSc Political Economy | Ex-Google | 7 years Teaching Experience

He’ll use 8 tiles going up, and 7.5 tiles going across. 8 tiles gives you 1.6m and 7.5 tiles give you 1.5m. You just have to convert the metres into centimetres, and then divide it by the size of the tile. So, 160cm divided by 20cm gives you 8, and 150cm divided by 20cm gives you 7.5 🙂