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Ruth’sRags has just increased all of its prices. Last week a shirt cost £40. This week the price of the same shirt is £64. Find the new price as a percentage of the old price. I need help with this question. Thanks?

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To find the new price as a percentage of the old price, you need to divide the new price by the old price, i.e. 64/40. This gives 1.6, which if you multiply by 100, will give you 160%. Just because you get a percentage over 100% doesn’t mean your answer is wrong. In fact in this case you would expect to get such a percentage as the new price is larger than the old price. You can also notice that the percentage increase in price is simply 60%, as you can think that the original price was the 100% and since the new price is 160% of the old price, the price has increased by 60%.