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What are 2 key features of the Elizabethan society?

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The Elizabeth Era was an era of change, unrest and intrigue. Due to this there are many key features that were important to solidly Queen Elizabeth reign and the safety and security of her people. However, 2 of the most memorable are; Religion: During the 16th century England had been a catholic country for nearly a 1000 years. During her father, King Henry V111 reign religion had changed three times. There was a massive divide between religious sectors in the country. During Elizabeth’s reign she officially changed the country’s religion to Protestantism but allowed some Catholic practices. Although she faced opposition, most notably from Queen Mary of Scots, this middle way gained her some peace. Parliament passed two laws the ‘Act of Supremacy’ and the ‘Act of Uniformity’ to solidify this. Foreign Affairs: Queen Elizabeth faced opposition from France and Spain who were wealthier and Catholic. Elizabeth managed to avoid a war with France through careful diplomacy and civil war in France. However, in 1588 Spain attempted to invade and overthrow Queen Elizabeth. This is more commonly known as the Spanish Armada. It was this defeat that boosted Elizabeth’s public and international image as a successful and powerful Queen.