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What is a fraction? How do I do it, I never did understand what a fraction is and how it works?

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Think of maths as a way to make it easier to understand things, specifically numbers of things. Maybe you want to tell someone how much you have of something. A fraction is just a way of making them understand exactly how big something that you have split is. The bottom number (which is properly called the denominator) tells you how you divide the unit. (A unit is another way of talking about objects and how many of something you have. It just means one “thing”, or one of something.) I used to think of fractions by imagining pies in my head. Let’s say we’re talking about a whole pie. We want to describe how much of the pie there is to someone else. In this case, that’s 1 unit. 3/5 of a pie means that you are cutting the pie into 5 pieces that are the same size (equal), and that there are 3 of these pieces in total. (The top number in a fraction is called the numerator.) That’s basically it. I hope that helps!