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Does your mouth size affect the sound and Volume of your singing,because my mouth is really small and I think that’s why my voice sounds really quiet and hollow?

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Answered Mar 20Music
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Natasha PageSinging Teacher and Opera Studio student at Royal College of Music18 students helped

Hi Osman, Your mouth isn’t where your sound is created - your vocal cords are inside your larynx which is in your throat. When you breath out, your vocal cords then vibrate together making the sound. This sound then resonates using various parts of your head, the most important part being the space created at the very back of your mouth where the soft palate is. The size of your mouth shouldn’t have a big effect on your sound. If your sound is quiet, it is probably more to do with your support and breath control. Let’s not forget that it is impossible to really understand what we each sound like as a singer without listening back to recordings. Our ears may deceive us as they are receiving the sound through vibrations in our head - it may sound completely different to a listener! Why don’t you look into having some singing lessons and explore your voice further?

Answered Jul 18Music
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Amirah ChishtiIm extremely erudite and happy to help!93 students helped

Essentially yes 'resonance in the oral cavity' is a factor, however this is not the be all and end all. There are many different factors and this shouldn't limit you. Your diaphragm is where you should be singing from rather than your belly. Build that strength up with singing exercises. You will also want to be aware of keeping your voice open from the diaphragm and including your chest and mouth as much as possible. Practice singing open vowels from your diaphragm on scales and other excersises. Avoid foods like chocolate before singing. Don't let this concern discourage you or concern you. Work with what you've got!