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Asked by Rafa

I love Music, like it's the only subject i enjoy in school but don't know what career to pursue using that skill. Any ideas?

The wonderful thing about the music industry is the breadth and variety of opportunities out there. It’s fantastic that you love music and want to pursue it further. The music industry encompasses all sorts of jobs, not just soloists and ensemble performers, but also artist administrators, agents, outreach work in the community, fundraising for arts organisations and many, many more. If you’re still at school and love music, I encourage you to pursue it. You don’t need to know exactly which direction you’ll take it in for now. You should always pursue your passions!

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Natasha Page

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Be a songwritter+producer. Nowadays anyone can build a studio in their bedroom, so any technical jobs are becomming obsolite. the knowledge however, is growing in demand. people actually capable of writing and performing music on request are in greatest demand, if you can write music you can become a songwritter, produces, or commercial composer. Being a session musician is second best choice, but it basically boils down to being the best out of best, just to have an equal chance against other session players. Best advice I can give you is don't think of music as a career path, for you need to be able to do music in the irst place. Get a job doing something else and do music in your own time, if you get good enough at it, money will follow. Music is not as much of a career as it is passion that only lucky few manage to turn into a career.

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Arvydas Gazarian

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If music is what you love, go for it. Keep practicing and get yourself involved with music placements and apprenticeships if possible. That way it will allow you to network with others in the field you enjoy! If you end up changing your mind, you can always keep it as a close hobby and when it comes to CV’s and Personal statements for university, you can put that in to show how much of a well rounded person you are! Hope this helps!

Mohamed Abdo

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