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I want to become a studio musician without going to university. How can I get studios to notice me?

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Rebecca WilkinsFreelance musician teaching vocal technique, jazz singing and music theory17.5k students helped

A lot of musicians don’t study music at uni these days. But make your own music, send it to as many people as possible- it’s so easy with Spotify and Soundcloud etc these days. Go to open mics and jams to meet other musicians and record with them- the music business is run on networking these days. Just keep playing and collaborating with as many people as possible and more opportunities will arise.

Husain MukadamMake Learning Fun Again! MSc | BSc | 4yrs+ exp. | DBS Certified✔️17.5k students helped

Intern with them. If there's no post open, offer to help them for free for experience. After building a good relationship with them, ask them to try you out. Hope that helps! ☺️

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