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What opportunities are available after university for an aspiring singer/songwriter looking for work in the music industry?

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If you are more of a singer, audition for function bands, that will at least pay the bills and keep you performing. If you want a solo career, Build a brand around yourself, generate some following, make the lables come after you, if they see that you're capable of making them profit, they will help propel you forward. If you are more of a songwritter, submit your material to publishers, Become a producer, write for other people, if the songs you weite for others make them sucesfull, they will make you ten times more sucesfull because of it. All in all, it's a very self-starter kind of environment. If you want to have any other employemnt in the music industry that is not centered on your music or performance, then it is the typical business rout of making friends in right places go to gigs, industry fairs and events.