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Asked by Tal

How would Ayn Rand’s philosophy be summed up into a few sentences?

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Nia James

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Enthusiastic piano, philosophy and psychology tutor

Being a keen music enthusiast and having had the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments, my role as a piano teacher is something I thoroughly enjoy. Having played the piano for 14 years (classically trained with 1 year experience in jazz) and teaching according to the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) for 1 year, I adopt an idiographic teaching method in an attempt to best accommodate all learning styles for all ages. As such, the foundation of lessons can range from traditional to more contemporary and creative formats, all of which are dependent on what`s most efficient, enjoyable and pragmatic for each pupil when learning both the practical and theoretical elements of music. Taking a committed and dedicated approach, my ultimate goal is to ensure each pupil is provided with the necessary tools and knowledge-base to progress with the piano whilst simultaneously taking a growing interest and positive attitude towards learning. I also teach Philosophy and Ethics (WJEC board) as well as Psychology (AQA board), two subjects I feel passionately about and thoroughly enjoyed learning for my A-levels. Like piano, I take a very similar teaching method, adapting lesson formats to best accommodate the needs of each pupil, whilst ensuing each student is provided with the appropriate equipment allowing them to apply their knowledge to a variety of real-world scenarios and current global affairs.

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Thaddeus Felle

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