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Asked by Chenchen

What are some strengths and weaknesses of the free will defence?

Hopefully I have understood your question. So the question you are asking is 'Do we have free will?' The main idea that springs to my mind for a reason why we shouldn't believe we process free will is the idea of God. A believe in God implies that you life is predetermined and as such you do no process free will. The argument follows that by the definition of God, God is all-knowing. So if God knows everything then God know all past, present and future events simultaneously. As such God knows what you will do so to possess free will gives you the chance to do something other than what God knows you will do so therefore you don't possess free will. An idea for free will would be to say that our whole society is built around the idea that we all have free will over our actions. We prosecute people who do the wrong actions in society as we believe those people were responsible for their actions. This might be an illusion of free will though so how do we show that we really do have free will. One way might be to say that we can think about the structure of human beings is either: that humans are just interacting particles acting under physical laws in this case there is no room for free will or we can see humans as thing with psychological and mental states. When we consider what a human is we usually see them as people with consciousnesses and mental states of their own leading to the idea that we all have individual mental states and psychological features and that leads to free will. Also consider whether determinism (the future is determined) and free will are compatible together. Some philosophers will say yes and others will say no but these can be looked up.

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