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Why did Hitler hate the Jews more than other ethnic groups?

Jonathon Cragle

BA History at Cambridge University | A*A*A at A levels | 10 A* and 2 As at GCSE

Hitler was in medical treatment in Pasewalk, convalescing from a mustard gas attack, when he got the news the war was lost. Despondent, as witnesses claim, he was depressed for months with really nothing to do. He was desperate to stay in the Army as long as possible. It was during this time that he bought into WHOLESALE, like so many other Germans, the idea of Dolchstoßlegende, “stab-in-the-back”. This theory was propagated throughout Germany, and one of the leading targets of this theory was the “Jewish International Finance” or “Jewish War Profiteers”. He wrote extensively about the “November Criminals” in Mein Kampf. These “criminals” in his book were made up of the many political groups, which he lumped together and connected to the “Bolshevik Jew” — Oddly, it was the imperial government, and not the “armistice signers” who gave Lenin and his followers passage through Germany to Russia by train so they could rejoin the revolution after February 1917 (cf Vladimir Lenin). I've looked for evidence in many primary sources, as those cited above which claim Hitler was anti-semitic in his Vienna days, but there is definitive proof that he lived in a crowded flat with Jews, so it's not so clear he was antisemitic then. Others claim he was anti-semitic in and around his mother’s death in Linz, but this isn't necessarily proven either. Most evidence points to WWI and the loss of the war.

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