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How George Orwell explore power and control in Animal Farm?

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George Orwell explores the theme of power and control in the novel ‘Animal Farm’ in two main distinctive ways. Historical context: Orwell first explores historical and political context by drawing political ideas from communism. The main political point of ‘Animal Farm’ is based on the 19th century philosopher ‘Karl Marx’ and the Russian revolutionist ‘Vladimir Lenin’ who proposed an idealistic view of society that power and wealth corrupts people and that wealth and power should be distributed equally amongst country men. This draws similarities to the ‘Animal Farm’ ideology of ‘Animalism’. Characterisation: Mr. Jones is portrayed as a character who exploits his power and mistreats the animals. This is shown through the use of his whip and men. The rebellion of the animals. ‘...this sudden uprising of creatures whom they were used to thrashing and maltreating just as they chose, frightened them almost out of their wits.’ (Animal Farm, Orwell) The pigs use propaganda to take control of the farm. It is interesting to note that Squealers use of word’s managed to control the other animals even when they were physically larger. Eg; Boxer the horse.