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How high does a building have to be, so that when you jump, you die?

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In the event that you bounced off of the highest point of a high rise like the World Exchange Center in NYC or something like that, you have around 10 seconds at the most before you hit the ground. It\'ll take around 800 ft. Before you hit maximum speed at a rate of around 120โ€“ 130 miles for each hour just before you go splat. The in all probability thing that could happen is you may pass out, to a great extent on the grounds that it\'s presumably a lot for your psyche to grasp what you simply did, or, in other words with zero chance of turning back. Any little building, or, in other words, each working in the US will be less time. A 5 or 6 story building will give you about a second, perhaps 1/2 seconds before you hit the walkway and it's everywhere. You won\'t have sufficient energy to grasp what you simply did or pass out.

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