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What was the mission of the Ku Klux Klan?

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Payal BhavsarCreative and passionate literature graduate from KCL & Oxford140 students helped

The KKK has roots in the post-Civil War era in America. With Southern states lacking clear governance after the abolition of slavery, and in economic, social and political disarray, many white landowners, ex-slavers and confederates (those who fought for the South to remain separate from the unification process) took to establishing “order” themselves. As a vigilante group the KKK emerged to control, threaten and ultimately punish black Southerners and any white allies supporting black civil rights, justifying their violent actions as measures needed to restore “morality” and “decency”. Explicitly championing white supremacy and anti-black politics, members of the KKK believed (and continue to believe) themselves to be safeguarding “the American way of life” based on xenophobic principles.