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A RH negative father has a RH negative son. What is the possibility of other children being RH negative? May we then conclude that the son's mother is also negative?

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Answered Oct 18Psychology
Ciara Daniels3+ years teaching Maths

Everything relies upon the qualities conveyed by the mother. On the off chance that the mother is twofold passive, all kids end up negative; however, for this situation, child's mom may not be negative. Having a positive blood classification is controlled by the nearness of the RHD quality, which encodes for the Rh D Antigen on the surface of Red Blood Cells. On the off chance that that antigen is absent (because of imperfect qualities), at that point, the individual has a negative blood classification. The RDH quality is available in 2 duplicates in our qualities. In any case, only 1 duplicate is sufficient to have the Rh D Antigen and have a positive blood classification. Also, the other way around, you would need both 2 duplicates of the qualities to be deficient with the end goal to be negative blood composed. To read further about this topic, Please kindly click on this link: https://bit.ly/2fWfIdn Hope this helps.! good luck.