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Can someone try to describe or explain LOVE??

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Answered Mar 20Psychology
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Scientists in fields ranging from anthropology to neuroscience have been asking this same question (albeit less eloquently) for decades. It turns out the science behind love is both simpler and more complex than we might think. According to a team of scientists led by Dr. Helen Fisher at Rutgers, romantic love can be broken down into three categories: lust, attraction, and attachment. Each category is characterized by its own set of hormones stemming from the brain High levels of dopamine and a related hormone, norepinephrine, are released when we fall in love. These chemicals make us giddy, energetic, and euphoric, even leading to decreased appetite and insomnia – which means you actually can be so “in love” that you can’t eat and can’t sleep. In fact, norepinephrine, also known as noradrenalin, may sound familiar because it plays a large role in the fight or flight response, which kicks into high gear when we’re stressed and keeps us alert.

Answered Feb 18Psychology
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Love can be described, in my opinion, as a feeling, sensation or belief that one may feel. It’s not only the emotion that you feel for another person but can deep down be a passion or gratification. Sorry that my answer isn’t the best but I hope it helps!