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Ok so it’s not school related but how do i build up my self confidence as there is a girl I like but I’m too scared to ask for her number as I’m terrified I get rejected?

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Answered Aug 18Psychology
Lauren WoodsI specialise in teaching children with Autism.680 students helped

Show her that you want to get to know her and that you're not just in it for a one off. Also, as corny as it sounds, being yourself is the best thing. If you are nervous then it's only natural and she may find it endearing. Go for it and if it's a yes then that is awesome. If it's a no then respect her decision and remind yourself that she isn't the right person for you now. Good luck!

Answered Jul 18Psychology
Aaron GareyExcellent maths and english tutor54 students helped

just bite the bullet and try, if you get rejected then you get rejected it’s not the end of the world