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What is the difference between pyscology and psychiatry ?

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Flavia CapoanoGraduate from Sapienza University of Rome and skilled tutor17.5k students helped

The first thing is: a psychologist has a degree in Psychology. A psychiatrist has a degree in Medicine. A psychologist doesn’t give you any medical treatment. A psychiatric does. A psychologist helps you to understand your thoughts, why are you feeling in a certain way, how can you do to improve. A psychiatric works with brain and neurological damages as well.

Carola Maria BigognoI'm a curious and ambitious medical student and teacher!17.5k students helped

Psychology is more of a social science and aims at treating the psychological aspects of a problem (why is a person having depression? What caused it and what can be done to improve it). Psychiatry is a field of medicine, so they focus on treating the biology more (giving medication to improve neurotransmitter levels in the brain, so the person can have a more positive mood)

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