Explain two ways in which belief in the trinity influences Christians today?

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The Trinity is a particularly complicated concept within Christianity that does leave many Christians confused. The Trinity expresses the way Christians should relate to God: (1) worship God the Father, (2) follow the example set by God the Son, and (3) God the Holy Spirit lives in them. The doctrine of the Trinity teaches humans how they should build their lives. Many Christians see the relationship between the persons of the Trinity as providing a recipe for the best sort of human relationships. These are relationships in which individuality is balanced with relationship; relationships whose basis is mutual love and perfect communication. Furthermore, the relationships within God as a Trinity undermine any power structure in which those lower down are dominated and oppressed by those above them. Using the model of the Trinity leads to an ideal structure of mutual interdependence and support in pursuit of a common aim. Thus, the Trinity shows the way God wants the world to be run and the power structures that he recommends to human society.

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