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Asked by Zaynab-Parveen

'The trinity makes it easier for Christians to understand what God is like.' Discuss. 15 marks?

For 15 markers I think it’s best to do two paragraphs showing both sides of the argument, and then a conclusion. The trinity does split God into three beings (father, son, and spirit) so for younger followers it can help understand the relationship between Jesus and God: how Jesus was the incarnate of Him on earth, and thus had the power to preform miracles, not a literal son of God. You could link ‘the spirit’ to Mathew 3:16 when a dove arrives at Jesus’ baptising, and explain how it shows a physical manifestation of God’s holiness - how it watches over Jesus in the story is how Christians believe the spirit watches over us throughout life. Possibly mention that the spirit can help understanding by being a visual aid of God’s presence within us all? To argue the opposite, you could say that god is transcendent, and thus will always be beyond our comprehension so nothing will help us understand what he’s truly like. The quote ‘God is the greatest possible thought’ from Anselm could be used here if needed. You could also say that it may confuse some people, as God is one being not three. To conclude I’d just weigh up both points that you argued, and say it depends on the Christian’s personal relationship with God. Hope that helps!

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Hannah Crocombe

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