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What are the reasons for less/more religious belief and practice amongst disabled individuals?

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Answered Nov 18Religious Studies
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Suzanne Davison-AllottQualified lecturer with over 10 years’ experience at secondary, FE and HE levels

Hi Hannah, One of the first things you need to consider when you set about answering this question is: what type of disability am I referring to? Your explorations will be different for those who have been born with missing limbs versus those who have had to have them removed; those with mental health issues; those with learning disabilities; those who have suffered trauma (eg, Armed Forces veterans); those with degenerative health conditions, etc. It will be useful to you to identify two of these types so that you can compare and contrast. For example, are people with learning disabilities more susceptible to religious indoctrination? Are people who have acquired disabilities more likely to be angry with god? Are those who have overcome the odds and survived terrible accidents more likely to praise a loving god? You can support your answers with statistics, comments from local religious leaders, testimonies from people you know who have disabilities, etc. This is a vast topic and narrowing down exactly what you want to discuss will help you to plan your answer much more carefully.