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Evaluate the human and natural causes of climate change. (9 marks)?

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Human causes: Increased industry = more factories releasing greenhouse gases Higher population = more people using cars and electricity/gas adding to each individuals carbon footprint. Increase in livestock production to help feed the growing population = less trees because they have been cut down for grazing land and also more animals releasing green house gases as well. Physical factors Volcanic eruptions = a release of green house gases adding to the green house effect Volcanic eruptions can also lead to global cooling when they erupt a large amount of ash into the atmosphere which lowers the amount of suns rays entering the atmosphere and reflects it having a cooling effect. Milankovitch cycles = Earths axis has a wobble which effects the seasons (cooler or hotter), earths orbit around the sun can become more elliptical and so the earths position maybe be further from the sun than normal meaning cooler and then closer to the sun at other points meaning warmer. Any questions let me know 😊