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Asked by Aya

How can you memorize different topics ?such as science b1 b2 b3 as well as the extra 6 topics to memorize all of physics and chemistry and how long should I do it for I'd I start from the first day as a yr 11 student 😯😯😯😯?

Start off small. If you try to suddenly learn all the content and do loads of revision you will quickly lose motivation. If you start off just doing half and hour or an hour of revision after school each day and then as you go through year 11 start to increase that. Half an hour of a subject 2/3 times a weak just making notes or reading through notes you’ve made before is good. Try to familiarise yourself with content first. Then by Christmas start to do an hour a day and do a few practice questions or papers and get them marked by teachers. There are also online resources you can use for this. The easiest way to do this is to make a revision timetable and stick to it. If you go back through content you’ve already been taught several times eventually it sticks in your brain. The early you start the better. If you try to learn all the content right before exams you will find it very hard so definitely start from the beginning of year 11. If you need anymore help please get in touch :)

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Josh Prince

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