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I want to know the understanding of bioaccumulation ( sorry if I spelt that wrong)?

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You spelled it correctly! Bioaccumulation is the build up of toxins in a food chain, so that animals at the top are most severely effected. Let’s look at an example, to make things clearer. We’ll use the simple food chain: plant -> mayfly -> dragonfly -> salmon Plant has 1 toxin. Mayfly eats 2 plants. It has 2 toxins (2x1). Dragonfly eats 4 mayflies. It now has 8 toxins (4x2). Salmon eats 100 dragonflies. It now has 800 toxins (100x8). Notice how the plant only had 1 toxin, which is safe. But because each animal eats many of a smaller animal, it ends up getting more toxins. This adds up over time, until animals at the top have a very high number of toxins. In our example we can see that the salmon has over 800 toxins, as a result. This is bioaccumulation.