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In a scale model of the Local Group of Galaxies, in which the Milky Way Galaxy was the size of a marble (about 1 cm in diameter), how far would it be from the Milky Way Galaxy to the most distant galaxies in the observable universe on this scale?

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James VardiniI have recently graduated from Imperial College London with an Upper Second Class degree in Biochemistry

We can begin with taking the measure of the Smooth Way System and relating that size to the extent of a marble and after that from that compute the separation between our marble and those of the most far-off cosmic systems in the Universe. The primary thing to know is that, in the event that we were being precise about it, our marble wouldn\'t be round at everything except considerably more like an air hockey puck. The Smooth Way System is generally 100,000 LY (Light Years) crosswise over (and could possibly be as much as twice that) and just around 2,000 LY thick.